Recording Energy Use

Recording and metering energy consumption

Our specialists provide consultations, develop proposals and integrate various solutions for recording energy consumption and metering. Furthermore, our company can rent equipment for short-term measurements. Equipment that our company offers is highly reliable. In cases when suspension of systems' operation is a complicated process or even impossible, we have measuring equipment that can be used without interfering with the operation. Energy-saving and consumption control begin with consumption tracking with the help of automatic monitoring systems. Energy consumption management requires an evaluation of the entire system because, otherwise, it will be a complicated process.
Our company offers the following measures for the optimisation of energy management:
At the system design stage, our technicians identify the target objects for monitoring and put them into subgroups; we analyse need in virtual units, analyse the possibility of industrial data integration, prepare the chart of recording units and coordinate the integration of different input points.
At the system integration stage, our team installs equipment for data storage (meters) and conducts adjustment of all units.
Finally, the system is put into operation. During this process, and with the participation of the customer, technicians create special-purpose reports, as well as procedures necessary to maintain uninterrupted operation of the record keeping system.

Other Services of Energy Saving